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    Company Profile

    Deyizhou Company was founded in 1993, which is located in Zhangjiagang-national sanitary city.

    Deyizhou Company belongs to an enterprise specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing liquid and gas precision filter equipment. Our products are widely applied in pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, beverage, brewing, chemicals and other industries. The company provides product services for many large enterprises.

    Deyizhou Company is committed to technological innovation, which challenges world advanced technology as own task. It has successively developed nylon 6, PVDF, nylon 66, hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride and other micro-porous filter membrane since 1993. Domestic blank fields are filled by many of our products, thereby making contribution for developing filtration industry in China.

    Deyizhou Company formed a complete production chain composed of micro-porous filter membrane, injection molding, filter components and filter outer shells, which provides clients with high-quality and efficient filtering products and filtration solutions.

    The company built a domestic first-class laboratory at the end of 2012, which can provide complete validation testing and documents, thereby providing customers with reliable guarantee to pass relevant certification.